Welcome to HRS!
Horse Rescue SIM is a simulation game where the aim is to rescue, rehabilitate, and fill requests for horses. There are no upgraded accounts on HRS! Ten percent of the profits earned from HRS go to preapproved charities.

Update: December 18th, 2011
A new layout is currently being made for HRS. We are also redoing the following features:
-horse image generation (it's a little clunky)
-quests (they'll be a larger part of the game!)
-job revamps
-and so much more :D

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Alpha Accounts
Alpha accounts help test the game before it is released to the public. Alphas may find bugs, post game suggestions, and similar to help the game get to the "final" stage. Alphas earn additional perks for helping test out the game.

Programming the game, hiring artists, and server fees aren't free. So, if you would like to help out, you can purchase an alpha account.
    Alpha account perks:
  • low account number
  • special facilities
  • additional play money
  • a few rare items
  • stat boosts
  • alpha testing
  • early access to the finished game
The prices are as follows:
Accounts 5 through 10 are $50 each. They come with choice of 2 large facilities and 1 training arena.
Accounts 11 through 25 are $30 each. They come with choice of 1 large facility and 1 training arena.
Accounts 26 through 50 are $15 each. They come with 1 training arena.
Accounts 50 through 100 are $5 each.

Sold Accounts:

To purchase an Alpha account, please use PayPal to send the payment to: paypal@paradigmprogrammingllc.com. Be sure to include your desired account numbers, a contact email address, desired username, and desired password.